Crohy Head Sea Arch, Donegal

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Crohy Head Sea Arch is just one of many hidden gems that dot the Donegal coastline. Located off the Mullaghmullan Peninsula, the Crohy Head Sea Arch is a magnificent sight on the rugged West Donegal coastline.

Crohy Head Sea Arch
Crohy Head Sea Arches just after sunrise

Crohy Head Sea Arch

Crohy Head Sea Arch is a spectacular sea arch located on the coast of the Mullaghmullan Peninsula in Donegal. Sometimes called ‘The Breeches’, the arch is one of the most beautiful in Ireland. The sea arch, and its dramatic coastal landscape, are popular with photographers and making the short hike to the arch is one of our favorite things to do in Donegal.

The arch is relatively easy to visit and is a perfect stop while en route to or from a day trip to Arranmore Island.

There are three sea arches at Crohy Head but only the most prominent arch, the Bristi Sea Stack, is fully visible from the cliff side viewpoint. It rises around 150 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and the rocky coastline below. The other two arches can be seen from the rocky beach surrounding the arches.

It is possible to hike down to the beach but only at low tide.. At high tide and times of wet weather it is not possible, or safe, to access the beach at the arches so viewing the other two is difficult from the cliff.

Crohy Head Sea Arch
View from the cliff at Crohy Head

How to get to the Crohy Head Sea Arch?

The arch itself is located just off the sea road that hugs the coast on the Mullaghmullan Peninsula near the small village of Maghery. Due to its location and the narrow roads that lead there the arch is most easily reached by car.

The shortest route to the arches is via the coast road from the small town of Dungloe, from which Crohy Head Sea Arch is 8km west. After a short drive west from Dungloe, the road passes through the small seaside village of Maghery where it turns south along the Mullaghmullan Peninsula towards the arch. The road narrows considerably and only has space for one vehicle in either direction.

There is no official car park or access for the arch, only a short pull-in on the roadside for passing traffic. The cliffs where the arch is located are accessed via an unmarked grassy lane (see the map for its location) down to the arch. It’s worth knowing in advance to know where exactly where the arch is and where to access it.

I’ve linked what the small access lane to the arch looks like on this map link.

It’s a 10 minute walk and you just need to keep walking towards the sea, obviously minding your footing as you get towards the edge of the cliff. Depending on which way you walk you may have to climb over a low barbed wire fence but it is relatively easy. You should be able to spot the access path down to the beach. As with any hike, be cautious on cliff edges and, when it is possible to at low tide, descending to the beach below.

Crohy Head Sea Arch tip: do not try to access the beach at Crohy Head Sea Arch when the tide is in or in wet weather as it can be very dangerous. The descent to the beach is very steep and even on a good day even experienced hikers will need to take care and wear proper foot wear.

Map of Route to Great Pollet Sea Arch

We’ve put together a map showing exactly where the Crohy Head Sea Arch is and how to get to it:

Map Crohy Head Sea Arch Donegal

Click here for the map

Things to Do Near to Crohy Head Sea Arch

We visited Crohy Head Sea Arch as part of the day trip when we were en route to Arranmore Island. It is around a 20 minute drive from Crohy Head Sea Arch to Burtonport where the ferry for Arranmore departs from. Arranmore Island is one of the best day trips in Donegal and the island is wild, rugged and beautiful.

Old Lighthouse Steps Arranmore Island
The Old Lighthouse steps on Arranmore are stunning
Arranmore Island
Amazing views on Arramore

Another unique place to visit nearby is the island fort of Doon Fort, an ancient ring fort located on a small island in the middle of Lough Doon in the west of Donegal..The nearby village of Maghery has a beautiful beach that it worth a stop if you have time. It is around a 40 minute drive from Crohy Head Sea Arch to Doon Fort.

Doon Fort Donegal
Doon Fort

If you want to discover more Donegal sea arches then Great Pollet Sea Arch is located 90 minutes north east of Crohy Head. It’s a magnificent sea arch and you can incorporate a visit to the beautiful Fanad Lighthouse while there. Access to Great Pollet Sea Arch has been difficult due to a landowner dispute – we were able to access it from beach level on our last visit but it is challenging to find and you will likely need the help of a friendly local to point you in the right direction.

Great Pollet Sea Arch
Great Pollet Sea Arch

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